Halloween Mask

Elizabeth In Kind

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These Children's Personalized Halloween Face Mask's add a little extra flare to spooky season!

We all want to keep Halloween as special and normal as possible this year, and with Trick or Treating happening or not, giving kids a way to stay masked and still celebrate the holiday seems like a no brainer!

PLUS super fun to rock your halloween mask at school!!!!

We have 12 awesome design options to choose from:

1. Cat

2. Dog

3. Vampire Lips 

4. Dinosaur 

5. Unicorn

6. Pumpkin

7. Vampire

8. Tiger

9. Llama

10. Boo Ghost

11. Monster Friends

12. Skeleton

   **SIZING : Small (3YR-5YR) Medium (6YR-8YR) Large (9YR-10YR)***