About Us


Elizabeth In Kind is an online paper goods and gift store! Our products are meant to inspire women and girls to be organized, creative and authentic but the heart of our business is meant to inspire females to be strong but also kinder to one another.  


Hi! I'm Betsy and I'm the founder of Elizabeth In Kind! I have wanted to start a paper and gift shop since I was 22. I moved to New York City and while my friends shopped in Soho, I would spend hours wandering through Paper Source in heaven sifting through all things paper and gift giving letting my creative mind wander.  I've wanted my own store ever since but have reserved this dream for when I retire from corporate life. I would move with my husband to Colorado and spend my days toggling between the store and getting that tan weathered mountain air face on the slopes. 

Fast forward 15 years. I’ve hustled my way up the corporate ladder while having 4 beautiful healthy kids. I’ve learned so much and have fought to build a career I'm proud of, until one day I realized that the corporate world was no longer my dream and furthermore the environment wasn't right for me either. It was hard to see the way people treated each other, often women.  Ladies, we can do better!

So I’ve decided to combine my two passions of opening a store and for lifting women up. My goal is to inspire us all to be strong and fight for the things we want, but to also always be kind and supportive of one another. This world is enormous, and there is room for us all to succeed, but we can’t succeed without strength, without grace and without helping one another.

“Elizabeth” is after me and my daughter Adeline Elizabeth and “In Kind” is to remind us all of the ripple effect of kindness, so lets spread some kindness one word at a time! 

xo, Betsy