What Do You Get When The Anniversary of the Global Pandemic & International Women's Day Crosses The Road?

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on


Dear Ladies,

We know we can do hard things. We’ve been told this since birth. We are expected to power through, quietly like a lady.  Some of us have battle illness, some have overcome loss, some are praying for a family, some have overcome circumstances we were born into, some fight for equality and respect at work, some have worked tirelessly to change the world. Women’s history tells many stories, but one underlying theme that is clear to me is that women are tough.

Then the world shut down and here we find ourselves fighting again…fighting for our families' health and safety, fighting to keep our jobs or our beloved businesses, fighting to keep our identities, fighting to remember what made us happy, fighting to survive this new scary world.  Women often fight in silence and alone. We don’t want to complain. Again, another thing we’ve been conditioned to do…but this year is different.

Maybe its a happy accident of the circumstances we all face together but, without a doubt, I feel that the competitive nature amongst women has shifted.  Usually if you put insecure or stressed out women, albeit coworkers, moms or middle schoolers, in the same room, the claws come out. Women can be so mean to other women, but this year I’ve seen women be stronger together vs strong and alone and it's AMAZING. Women are rooting for each other more than ever and are empowering each other to succeed.  I've seen women raise their hand and ask for help and, I've seen women line up (6ft apart with a mask on) a mile long to help.  Best of all, I've seen women RISE.

So in my opinion, what you get when the anniversary of this global pandemic and International Women's Day cross the road couldn’t be more poetic. Ladies, it’s not about how tough any of us are to make it through, but it’s that we rise by lifting others.

I hope that in 2022 when hopefully the masks are gone and we have returned to "normal", that one thing remains changed: That women forever remain on the same team.  We are stronger together.  This is a part of history I most definitely want to be a part of.

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies! All my love to you and your dreams.  Keep going! We're all rooting for you!