The Personal Shopper's Guide To Gift Giving

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on

The Personal Shopper's Guide to Gift Giving

I would say that I get asked about once a week for help selecting the perfect gift for someone and I could not be more into it! I absolutely love playing personal shopper for women who want to celebrate other women.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Although I gladly welcome all the DMs, I thought I’d do a little summer series on my fav gifts to give for special occasions because even though Coronavirus is that family member who will not leave the party and all you want to do is put on pants with an elastic waist and crawl into bed, there are still occasions to be celebrated! 

Hey Hey, Birthday! 

Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t secretly (or openly) love their birthday? I know I love mine. Birthdays are my favorite thing to shop for too. There’s no theme to follow, no expectations, it’s 100% the thought that counts.  I love to throw together some of these unique combos that leave the birthday girl as happy as can be.  

Or feel free to mix and match from these below! 

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She Said Yes! 

Although Coronvarus has many marital plans turned on their heads (heartbreak hotel), people are still getting engaged!  Heck, if a couple still loves each other after being stuck inside together for all these months, then it really is something to celebrate! So whether the question just got popped, or you're going to a socially distant outdoor bridal shower, here’s a super cute idea!  

I also absolutely love these too!

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She's Having A Baby

Having a baby deserves a medal, but since I’m still waiting for mine in the mail, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite celebratory baby products here.  These would be great to pair with a cute outfit, a swaddle, or an item off their registry.  These little unique touches are what makes the gift that much more memorable.

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She Works Hard For The Money

She works hard for the money! So hard for the money! Sorry, anyone else love The Birdcage? But seriously. If your bestie at work gets that promotion she’s been positioning for, waiting patiently for that damn promotion cycle, and actually got the raise that she wanted, it’s seriously time to celebrate!! Let her know how proud of her you are with something like this!


But let's not forget these amazing options either!

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There are a million occasions to either treat yourself or someone else, so I feel like we're just getting started here, but what a fun start it was!

If you ever need help pulling a gift together, I'd love to be your personal shopper.  Just email at betsy@elizabethinkind.com or DM me on Instagram @Elizabeth_in-kind and we'll come up with something great that's in your price range that we know she'll love!