How to Style Your Thanksgiving Table

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on

How to Style Your Thanksgiving Table 

Hosting Thanksgiving, (especially this year during the Covid craziness) can be rewarding and daunting at the same time. The good news is, there couldn't be a better year to take the time to acknowledge and be thankful for the good moments too! Take that, #2020.

Hosting is a whole process... the menu, the shopping (or takeout!), the cooking, the decorating the house and the table and more. Truth be told, I LOVE to host but hate to cook. In my opinion, spend your effort on what's fun for you.  Love to cook but hate to decorate...do you!  But I'm the kind of host who decorates to the nines, adds the fun touches, picks the perfect serving dishes and stemware, and orders in 80% of my food pre made. Appetizers and casseroles are my love language.  The rest I leave up to people who can cook better than me aka the store.

So long story short, we may not be able to help with the turkey, but we can give you some trendy ideas to create a stunning tablescape to impress all of your quarantine friendly guests! 

Below are 5 tips to get you the cutest table in town! Want to get the look? No worries! We’ve made it easy for you with an itemized table scape that can be recycled for holidays to come! 

Let's get started!


Where to Begin: There are so many fun things to put on the table but where do you begin? Place settings go first! Make sure you have all the room you need for plates, glasses, silverware, etc.  Now move to the middle.  Start with your bigger pieces that you love.  Big pieces and flowers always take priority. Continue to mix and match metals, colors, materials, heights, widths of all the goodies in your home. Just make sure to think about things like breathing room and symmetry.  

Mix and Match: Play around with layering multiple textures to add depth to your décor. If your table is made of wood, consider adding gold accents to create a bright contrast. Vice versa if your table is a solid color or high gloss, explore neutral colors and rustic elements. You will notice how just adding layering allows your table to look upscale and well-considered.

One Must Have: Flowers are a MUST! Maybe its a simple and elegant as just taking a sprig and placing it on each napkin for a fun detail. Maybe its flowers in multiple vases for everyone to take home. For those who love to keep your flowers forever, dried florals are also a great option. No matter what you do, get yourself some flowers.

Ambiance: If you’re like us and love the vibe of candlelight but worry about the open flame around kids or dripping wax on your décor, use our recommended battery-operated candles instead. 

That Extra Special Touches: Nothing feels better than making your guests feel special.  Add those personal touches! Wether its place cards, personalized glasses, games to get the party started or flowers to take home, you guest will leave feeling full of turkey, pie and love!

Want to get the look? No worries! We’ve made it easy for you with an itemized table scape that can be recycled for holidays to come! 

1. Plastic pumpkins

2. Ribbon 

3. Wood coasters

4. Fall table confetti

5. EIK pumpkins

6. Pinecones ~ painted ~ fam activity

7. EIK Thanksgiving Place cards 

8. Table runner 

9. EIK wine glasses 

10. Round placemats

11. Linen Napkins

12. Dried Fall flowers

13. EIK centerpiece vases 

14. Battery fake candles 

15. Candle pillars 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!