Hand Lettering 101

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on

Hand Lettering 101 

I get asked quite a lot about how to learn hand lettering.  Tweens seem to be really interested in it, especially as they get extra crafty during Coronavirus.  The good news is it's SUPER EASY to get started.  All you need is a fresh set of markers, double sided is best, and a bunch of printer paper. 


Here are my two favorite kinds of double sided markers:

Ultrawashable Double Sided Markers 


Neon Double Sided Markers


Or if you want to get really jazzy, I'm loving this Hand Lettering Kit!


Ok now that we've got our supplies, let's get started.  

1. Trust your handwriting.

You can study bounce handwriting, symmetry, embellishments etc as you go along, but to start, be excited to work with what you've got


See! I've got nothing and can still make lemons out of lemonade!


2. Start with the thin side

Use the thin side of the marker to write your word. I always start and end with a little tail to make it feel extra jazzy.  Pro tip: I also stop between each letter to reset my pen/marker.  

Jazzy Handwriting

3. Switch to the thicker side to thicken the downstrokes

Use the thicker side of the marker to trace downward on all the downstroke. I usually stay consistent and trace just to the left of each line. I didn't here, but this is also a great place to add a little curve to your downstroke to give it that bouncey feeling.


4. Add embellishments 

Gosh, this could be anything! Dots and leaves are always my go to.  I also love to draw arrows, add water color, add additional lines and doodles to fill whitespace etc.  Be creative and have fun! 



That's it! You're all set! Don't forget to pick up your supplies here! 


PS - 

I have been watching YouTube Videos, taking online courses, and studying different styles on Pinterest for about 5 years.  Once I started to get more serious and start thinking about creating products, I invested in an ipad Pro, and Apple Pencil, and an app called ProCreate.  

Even if you want to get more serious and do some hand lettering for The 'Gram, you can always keep using your markers and pens and invest in a cheap scanner, or even just take a pic with your iphone, crop and brighten that puppy right up.


Happy Hand Lettering, Everyone!