Halloween #2020

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Halloween #2020

Halloween #2020 is on a Saturday this year!! I know my kids and I have been waiting for this holiday to fall on a weekend for years! The usual speed bump is that Cincinnati weather is always iffy and for the past however many years, trick-or-treating has fallen on a dreaded school night! Finally a year has come where we can rejoice on this spooky Halloweekend! But oh no, Boo! COVID-19 is here winning the scariest costume contest! This is another #2020 moment that is leaving us Halloween lovers and parents of trick-or-treaters to brainstorm more ways to make this holiday extra crafty, safe from germs, and super spooktastic!

Here are 5 festive & safe ways to celebrate Halloween in #2020

1 - Monsters, Ghouls, and Ghosts in your windows

This activity is a crowd favorite and won’t cost you any tricks or treats!  You will need to purchase window crayons or markers. We used Crayola window crayons because they are easy to clean up and simple to use for kids! They are also great to save for your car windows for school events and birthdays.

Start by picking a window or multiple windows and draw your monster mirrored so from looking on the outside of the window the monster is clear! Pro tip, look for fun examples online if you don’t want to brainstorm your own creepy characters! 


This activity can be used as a fun way to teach color theory and help to encourage creative thinking about fictional characters!

Look how cute these look from the street! 


     2 - Halloween Face Masks!!!

    What better time to wear a mask! Let’s all stay healthy and on theme with our holidays this year by jazzing up our regular face masks to something more ghostly! Your kids will love running around the pumpkin patch and on Halloween night showing off their vampire or unicorn face masks!! We have 12 options of Halloween face masks on the website!  Check them out



     3 - Collecting and painting pinecones

    Wether you order them in bulk or collect them on a nice fall outing with the fam, pinecones (or even mini pumpkins) are an extremely crafty way to spend amping up your holiday decor! 

    • We used acrylic paint (make sure the clothes worn are able to be stained as acrylics do not wash out)
    • Sponges to apply the paint to the pinecones for even coverage!
    • Should probably be done outside!!
    • Let the pinecones dry outside for a few days as the paint can build up in crevices and take longer to dry!

    Once your pinecones are dry use them as decoration around the house or front porch next to your pumpkins! This activity is another awesome way to teach kids about mixing colors.



    (not really sure what your model Alex is doing here, but #youdoyou bro)

    4 - Decorate Halloween Tote bags!

    No matter if you're hitting the pavement for candy this year or not, your kids need these tote bags!! Their personalized and the puffy paint is GLOW IN THE DARK, so these bags are also great for sleepovers, sports or hoarding whatever their new favorite thing is. We promise that kids of all ages can do this craft and that it isn't messy.  One set of puffy paint should last 2-3 bags! 



     5 - Boo(ze) Your Friends 

      How fun would it be to get this super cute wine tumbler and a bottle of wine on your door step? Let's not let Boo'ing people just be for kids.  Lets do these fun gestures for our neighbors and friends too! Lets face it, 2020 is all about the Booze.

      BONUS IDEAS for trick-or-treating at home this year 

      Wanting to celebrate with your close quarantine friends or family?!? Not able to have your kids trick-or-treat this year?!? Here are some fun ideas for home: 

      • Gather your circle of quarantine friends and your camping chairs! Have the grown ups set up camping chairs (booze cups included!) around your property, your house etc.  Give each parent a bucket of candy and let the kids run around the house and property collecting their treats at record speed! 
      • Have you ever met a kid that didn't love a piñata? Hang up a piñata or 2 depending on the number of kids and age ranges and let the kids go wild! Once the candy explodes they can all go nuts filing up their candy bags.
      • Make a scavenger hunt all over your house! Its like if the Easter Bunny did us a solid this year and hid all sorts of spooky toys and yummy candy all over the house for the kids to run around and find.
      • If you have a projector hang up a sheet in your yard for a fun Halloween movie to watch with the fam!
      • Plan a virtual costume contest with friends and family! 


        However you choose to enjoy this holiday, we wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy Halloween!