DIY Mask Lanyards

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DIY Mask Lanyards

I’ve had lots of questions about if our mask lanyards are for sale and unfortunately they’re not.  We are a small business so I don’t carry much additional inventory and all our lanyards are specifically purchased to go with our masks.  #smallbusinessthings

That said, I am super sympathetic because I know that these are hard to find, and if you do find them they’re often sold in bulk AND take a long time to ship, so I say take matters into your own hands and LET’S GET CRAFTING!

All you need is some craft cording and 2 lobster clasps!

Here’s the QUICK HOW TO:

1.  Cut 2.5 feet of string, ribbon, or whatever you’re using as the strap.

2.  Pull out 2 lobster clasps (one for each side of the mask)

3.  Tie a knot! You could either tie a square knot around the lobster clasp loop or you can make it cuter with a figure 8 knot.  The good news is your lobster claw and mask are not going anywhere.

4.  Then simply clasp the lobster clasp to the loops of your mask.



      Ok now for all the SUPPLY OPTIONS that you can grab form Michaels or Amazon or Target! Again, all you need is some craft cording and 2 lobster clasps!

      Basic Cording:

      Rainbow elastic cording


      Or even Embroidery Floss: 

      Jazzy Cording:

      Stretch Cording is super cute. Bright and a little more substantial: 

      Or even pretty Ribbon (you could get cra and braid this): 

      Or get so Jazzy with beads!

      I just worry that little ones will snap these and beads will go flying everywhere, but this would be so fun and perfect for those 8+ kiddos!

      Grab a bead kit like this one at Target: 

      We can't forget the clasp!

      Lobster clasps:  

      And here are a couple of videos for tying knots incase you need some help:


      If you’re still on the lookout for more masks, here are my fav’s:

      Size 3-8yo:

      One size fits all: 


      Adult and Super cute disposable PPE:


      Preppy with Monogram:

      That's it! It should be easy but if you have any questions, just reach out to betsy@elizabethinkind.com