DIY Marble Paper

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DIY Marble Paper

Let's get crafyyyyyy (Oprah voice. Again.)  You too can make these amazing prints and you’ll never guess what I used to make it! SHAVING CREAM! What?? This is super fun to do solo, with kiddos or for a wine night with girlfriends. Per usual, I've raided the house for supplies.  All you need is:

✨  Shaving cream (steal it from your man. It requires a lot so sorry about the rift you might have)

✨  Food coloring (don't forget the glitter kind for a little jazz if you have it)

✨ A knife

✨ A disposable baking tin

✨ Some white printer paper (cardstock if you have it)

🍷 Wine Optional 


Step 1: 

Spray shaving cream to make a decent covering over the pan.

Shaving Cream

Step 2:

Drop in food coloring splotches spread out over the shaving cream.  Add the next color. Spread them out. So on and so on.

Add food coloring

Step 3:

Grab a knife from the silverware drawer. Drag it around like you’re drawing a snake or making a marble cake. First snake it around vertically, then repeat horizontally.  You’ll see the colors start to make super cool patterns. Go rinse your knife. You can use it again.

Swirl the Food Coloring

Step 4:

Take card stock or printer paper and place it flat on the shaving cream. Press down a little just to make sure all the paper surfaces touch the shaving cream.

Step 5:

Peel back the paper from one corner. Go slow.

Peel the paper back

Step 6:

Set the paper down on a table. Maybe put an old table cloth down or something because this gets a little messy, but it cleans up easily, so don’t stress.

Step 7: 

Take a clean piece of cardstock or paper and use it as a scraper to scrape off all the shaving cream. Prepare to be amazing! This is the coolest part!

Voila! Now just set it aside to dry.


You’re going to love how these turn out! Snap a pic and make it your kids new ipad wallpaper, print it and frame it to add color to your house, grab a sharpie and hand letter something fun over it or just hang it on the fridge because you're so proud...the possibilities are endless. 

Happy crafting!