Splatter Blow Paint!

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on

Splatter blow painting with straws can be a really cool creative technique for the craftiest of crafters but also a super fun activity for kids of any age. This is one of those simple art activities that you can do over and over again and get a different result every time. You'll love how the colors run together and mix!

Here's the scoop! 


card stock, or watercolor paper

Liquid water color paint

Drinking straws

*If you don’t have liquid watercolor paint, you can use watered-down food coloring



1. Set up for the activity, go outside! It will be messy! But fun!

2. Place a sheet of paper down on the ground/grass/outdoor space

3. Cut your straws in half

4. Choose your preferred paint color and spill a small amount onto your paper

5. Blow through the straw at the areas of paint, this will shift the paint around the paper in a splattered design!

 * Repeat steps 4-5 with any colors you want to use!

6. Let the paint dry in the sun!


(quick pause for dog hugs)

Ta da!

These could be great prints in your living room, a great splash of color in your kid's room, fun cardstock for notecards and bookmarks and so much more. 

PS - You could also be a super fun mom and tack the paper to a tree or easel and let the kids use water guns to splatter the paint! Your call! Good luck with that one! 

And PPS...you will get messy :) Your hands will get paint on them, your clothes might too, but it's worth it.  It all should come out in the wash and your hands take a scrub or two, but it's all good! 

Happy crafting! If you do decide to do this, please share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! We'd love to see your creations!