4th of July Crafts

Posted by Elizabeth Leonidas on

Yes, most if not all fireworks displays are canceled this year. It’s just another reminder that 2020 is just so, well, 2020.  But we've got to do what we’ve got to do to be safe and we can't give up on having fun! Whether you’re celebrating the 4th from home with your fam or headed to a socially distant backyard BBQ, we’ve got something fun and crafty for you and the fam!  

4th of July Flower Pens & Mason Jars 

If you’re looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddos, we’ve put together super cute (and easy) painted mason jars and 4th of July Flower Pens.  Cute. Decorative. Functional. Check check check. 

Mason Jars Supplies

Supply List:

  • Red, White and Fake Flowers (Try Michaels)
  • Pens (Try Michaels or Walgreens)
  • Mason Jar (check your closet or if not, Michaels, Grocery store, etc)
  • Paintbrush or a sponge 
  • Glue of your choice (We used multipurpose spray adhesive and gorilla glue, but a hot glue gun would also be perfect)

Mason Jar


  1. Paint your mason jar with any design you want. Stars and stripes, polka dots, sponge blotches, whatever!
  2. Remove the stems and centers from your fake flowers so only the petals are left
  3. Start layering the flower petals by alternating colors, gluing each down on top of the other on the bottom of the pen
  4. If you have a jewel or something jazzy, feel free to glue it to the center of the top for a little sparkle

Throw in some hydrangeas in your mason jars for a cute festive decoration or stuff them with your kiddo's new super cute pens and favorite markers! 

Mason Jars

4th of July Firework Glasses + Cocktail Recipe 

If you’re headed to a socially distant BBQ and want to bring a fun cocktail with a little jazz (#beextra), we’ve got an idea for the cutest DIY Fireworks Plastic Cups and Rose Spritzer Cocktail Recipe.

Cup Supplies

Supply List:

  • Plastic Cups
  • Red, white and blue paint pens
  • Glitter Paint Pen OR White Paint or Glue, Glitter and a thin paintbrush



  1. Apply fireworks streaks with a glitter pen or glue and then sprinkle glitter 
  2. Let dry (brush or blow off excess glitter if need be)
  3. Draw firework streaks on with red white and blue pens 

Tada! Now you’ve got super easy to make, cute glasses to accompany your fun cocktail recipe. It's the perfect little touch of fun that’s bound to be the talk of the party. 



Rose Ingredients:

  • Rose of your choice 
  • Elderflower + Rose Lemonade (Or mixer of your choice)
  • Lemon twists
  • Mint to garnish
  • Add ice! 

Happy 4th everyone! Stay safe, be well, be kind and be crafy!