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This NYC love story reminds us that there is a special brand of magic that only New York can serve up.

“I bought a one way ticket to LaGuardia,” Betsy Leonidas said of her move to New York City 15 years ago. She was on a mission to build a career in advertising. New York had some other stuff in mind for her. New York ALWAYS does.

On one of her first nights in the big city, she met a cute tall guy in pirate t-shirt. Ten days later, she landed a first date AND her dream job at renowned advertising agency, McCann Erickson. “The rest is history,” she said.

Betsy and the cute guy in the pirate shirt are now married with children. We recently made “his n’ hers” photographs for them that symbolize their love for each other and for their time in New York. Betsy chose her well-loved metallic work flats. Christopher chose…you guessed it, his pirate shirt.

“These pieces are such a time capsule of our lives in the city,” Betsy said “Midtown to Brooklyn, to our first 350sq ft 5th floor walk up apartment in the East Village to our final stop in Williamsburg.”

Years ago, the Leonidas chose to raise their family in Betsy’s hometown of Cincinnati. She jokes that they live in a “grown up house” now. Their art hangs in the family’s living room in celebration of their adventure together.

“We gather our Cincinnati/New York/ New Jersey family for our big Italian Christmas Eves and having these pictures is the perfect twist to what is our formal room to gather in. That’s us in a nutshell...can’t conform, always with a twist.” 

Betsy, your modern-day take on “heirloom” is an inspiration and reminder that there is magic in the everyday object. Thank you for sharing your fun loving energy with us. Viva la NYC!

No matter if it’s worn, torn, odd, or just plain personal, The Heirloomist’s job is to turn your keepsakes into awesome modern art. Visit www.theheirloomist.com to learn more.

Editor’s note: Betsy used to wander the NYC paper and gift stores (we looooove you Paper Source) with a dream of one day having her own shop. That, combined with her learning experience as a women in corporate America inspired her to create @elizabeth_in_kind, a gift destination that empowers women.  

“My goal is to inspire us all to be strong and fight for the things we want, but to also always be kind and supportive of one another. This world is enormous, and there is room for us all to succeed, but we can’t succeed without strength, without grace and without helping one another.”

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